名前 Noella
出身国 アメリカ

Hello! I am from New Jersey in the US, right next to New York City! New Jersey is a beautiful state with a lot to see and do. I hope you can visit sometime!

I enjoy travelling, comics, martial arts, and eating very spicy food. I have been to Mexico, Canada, France, Korea, and everywhere in the Caribbean.

I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and studied abroad in Suita, Osaka for seven months during my junior year.

I have taught classes before studying karate and comics for a few years, and now I am back in Japan to teach English!

[ Message to students ]
If you want to talk to people all over the world, please learn English! English is a very fun and flexible language to use. Though it can be hard to study at times, it can take you anywhere. You might be surprised with where you end up!


私は旅行、漫画、武道、それから辛い物を食べることが好きです。今までにメキシコ、カナダ、フランス、韓国、そしてカリブ海の島々を訪れたことがあります。 メリーランド州の美術大学でイラスト美術を学び、大阪の吹田市に7か月留学した経験もあります。空手や漫画の書き方を指導していた経験が何年かあります。そして今度は日本に英語を指導するために戻ってきました!


名前 Stephen
出身国 アメリカ

Hello, I am from North Carolina, a state on the east coast of the US. We have beautiful beaches and coastlines, gorgeous mountains, and some really crazy weather. It can be hot in the fall or freezing in spring. With North Carolina, you never know.

As for me, I love reading fantasy novels, playing games, and making things. I’ve been an avid reader and gamer since I was a child, but what I really love is storytelling, which is why I am trying to write my own book. I also enjoy creating things, like artwork, and helping others, because we all need support once in a while.

I went to Elon University in North Carolina and got my Bachelor’s degree in International studies, with a focus on Asian Studies and Literature. I had always loved Japanese culture and mythology, but at Elon, I fostered that love, learning more about history, religion, culture, and the Japanese language. I even got to study at Kansai Gaidai in Japan for one semester. It was really exciting.

[ Message to students ]
Learning English can seem very challenging, but don’t give up. If you fall down, you must get back up because in life, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. This is true of English, too. You will be glad you learned English once you travel abroad or start talking with new friends in English speaking countries. And if you ever have trouble, don’t worry. I’ll be there to lend a hand.


私自身に関しては、ファンタジー小説を読んだり、ゲームをしたり、物を作ったりするのが趣味。根っからの読書好きでゲーマーです。一番好きなことは物語を書くことで、現在も自分自身の本を書くことに挑戦中です。 また、人を助けることも好きです。なぜなら私たちは時として助け合うことがお互いに必要であるからです。



名前 高橋博子
出身国 日本





名前 Robert Rendich
出身国 オーストラリア

I'm Robert. I was born in Germany a long time ago and grew up in the Land of Kngaroos and Koalas. I've been in Japan for a long time now. I teach English and German and in my free time I usually read, use the computer, play the accordion and do some Latin dancing. I like eating good food and I enjoy the occasuinal beer and a nice glass (or two) of cognac. Come along to Chicago, where the action is!


名前 門馬佳奈美
出身国 日本